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Good Cents turns your iPhone use into something positive. Donate money to charities you choose based on how much you’re using your iPhone.

Good Cents is a new mobile iPhone App that strives to significantly increase charitable donations. For charities and non-profits Good Cents is a platform that can tap into that pool of money people would gladly donate but currently do not, due to hassle or a feeling that small donations don’t make a difference.

For People

Good Cents allows users to make very small donations passively by doing what they do every day, spending time on their iPhones. On Good Cents users see their small donations combined with the donations from everyone else. This gives immediate visibility into the growing aggregate total and creates a shared sense of purpose. Small amounts can add up to a lot when many people participate, and on Good Cents users see this as it happens! Download Good Cents on the App Store today.

For Charities

Add your charity or non-profit to the Good Cents App by clicking the Charity Sign Up link below. From there the amount of money raised on this platform is up to you. Announce your participation on the Good Cents platform via your normal promotional activities (on your webpage, on social media, in print, etc.) and you will see donations to your charity grow as more and more donors use Good Cents.

Our Mission

We believe that inherent in all of us is a desire to make the world a better place, but for many our hectic everyday lives get in the way. It can be more convenient, and equally rewarding, to give money instead of time. However, many of us can’t afford to make large donations. The small amounts we can afford seem too trivial to make a difference. Enter Good Cents.

Our Impact

If 200 million people put $1 in a hat per month, $2.4 billion can be raised for charity annually. Never before has this been possible (How does one pass a hat around to 200 million people?!). Today the smartphone is the hat and Good Cents is the App to make this possible. There are 200 million smartphones in use in the United States today, and this number is expected to grow to 240 million by 2019. Further, Americans waste over $70 billion a year on the lottery. At the same time, for many $5, $10 or even $20 a month will hardly be noticed. If Good Cents can help capture a small fraction of these funds for charity, together we can change the world.

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