What exactly is the Good Cents app counting as “using my phone”? Does it count when I’m listening to music or on a phone call?

Good Cents only counts your “screen time.” If your screen is off, the app will not count listening to music or talking on a phone call.

Will Good Cents drain my battery?

Probably not. To track your phone use for 24 hours, Good Cents will use the battery power equivalent to surfing the web for 4 minutes. You should hardly notice it.

Does Good Cents have to be running in the background to track my phone use?

Yes. The app must be running in the background to track when you’re using your phone and when you aren’t. However, Good Cents does not have to be open and active. You can press the home button and leave Good Cents in the background, but you cannot completely force quit the app (swiping up after you double tap the home button). If you do force quit the app, it will automatically restart itself when you move to a new place.

How to I cancel my Good Cents billing?

The simplest way to ensure that you’re never billed again is to remove all of the charities you’re donating to and delete the Good Cents app from your phone.

Is Good Cents considered a Professional Fundraiser?

No! We are not retained by any charitable organization for the purposes of soliciting contributions for charitable purposes. We are a platform that helps match donors and recipient charities. Our goal is simply to help individuals put the time they spend on their smartphones to good use.

I’m addicted to my smartphone… Is it possible I’ll make an unexpectedly large donation to charity via Good Cents beyond my comfort level?

Good Cents requires a minimum donation of $5 in total across a donor’s selected charities per month. It also allows users to select a monthly cap for their donations. That is designed to ensure smartphone junkies don’t wrack up donations beyond their own level of comfort. Maximum amounts may be set at $20 across all charities or higher. The default cap is $50. Users can make it lower (minimum of $20) or choose not to apply a cap at all.

What should I expect to donate for an average month?

The average person using Good Cents uses their phone for 2 hours and 34 minutes each day, or about 75 hours a month. If you’re donating 25 cents per hour, that’s about $20 per month.

Use this as a guideline. Your own phone use might be much lower or much higher. It is all up to you.

How do I change my payment and credit card information?

Sign into your Good Cents account from your web browser. Click or tap on the “Your Account” link. At the bottom, you’ll see a form to change your saved credit card.

Is credit card and other personal information safe with Good Cents?

Good Cents utilizes Stripe to process payments from donors to charities. Stripe is an independent organization whose business it is to handle credit card payments. Good Cents does not store your credit card information. We rely on Stripe for that process. Stripe is a leading provider of solutions that enables businesses to securely accept and manage online payments. Stripe is used by Pinterest, Kickstarter, Lyft and others. When interfacing with Stripe, Good Cents only stores an authorization code that verifies the transactions.

Regarding other personal information, refer to our detailed Privacy Policy. From charities it collects standard information including Tax Identification Number (TIN). We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep information as secure as possible and protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information.

Are there fees for using Good Cents from a donor’s perspective?

No. The Good Cents app is free to download and use for donors.

Are there fees for being on the Good Cents platform from a charity’s perspective?

It is also free for charities to join the Good Cents platform. Good Cents only charges a flat service fee (only $0.99) from each donor’s total donation at the end of the month. For example, from each user’s total donation at the end of the month, Good Cents retains $0.99, with the remainder, less standard 3rd party card processing fees charged by Stripe (2.9% + $0.30), remitted to the donor’s selected charities. Because the small fee to Good Cents doesn’t change, the greater the donated amount a person generates from phone use, the greater percentage that makes it’s way to the charity.

Thanks, but I’m not good at math, can you do it for me?

Sure. If you donate $20 to one charity, the actual amount the charity receives is $18.13. If you donate $30, the actual amount going to charity is $27.84.

Does Good Cents confirm that charities on its platform are legitimate?

Good Cents strives to vet all charities that join the platform. A charity cannot go live on Good Cents (that is be a valid recipient of funds) without a Good Cents administrator actively allowing it. Tax identification numbers (TIN) are checked against the IRS database of valid 501(c)(3) charities in good standing as an example. We reserve the right to reject any charity seeking to join the Good Cents platform.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, your monthly donations are tax deductible. Each month you will get a receipt for your donation. Because donations via Good Cents are very small, this email should serve as adequate substantiation for the deduction (monthly donations will be well under the IRS’s $250 threshold for written substantiation from the charity themselves). Please note however that we are not accountants, and you should consult a tax professional for specific questions.

I’m having trouble confirming my email address. It says something about my confirmation token being incorrect.

Good Cents uses a browser feature called cookies to make sure your web browser requests are actually coming from you. The first step is enabling cookies in your web browser settings. After that, click on the confirmation link in your email again.


Good Cents, or its operator, Bridgebuilder, LLC, does not engage in any charitable solicitation or fundraising, nor does it advise, consult with, prepare, manage, or plan any charitable solicitation or fundraising activity, and it is not a party to any pledge or donation made using the Platform. Good Cents is simply a platform that connects donors and charities to facilitate giving.